Sober Living: Rebuilding Yourself

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Sober Living Rebuilding Yourself

Making a tough decision to start a sober way of living can be very challenging. If you are one of them, I salute you for taking the first step of doing this life-changing choice. But, I wish I could tell you that sobering up just happens overnight. That the moment you wake up in the morning, everything is fine. Everything is on its proper place.

I wish I could tell you that sobering up take effect in just a snap of a finger, that it was just that easy. I wish that I could assure you that the way to live a sober life is just a one-way path, an accessible way to go with no left and right turns. But I would not want to be regarded as a liar. If I am going to tell you all of these, I would be a guilty one.

Sobering up is never an easy thing. Thus, not one of us is the same. We are all bounded to be different. We differ from the way we perceive things, and we vary on how we adapt to certain situations. We are all faced with life’s struggles. The decision to be sober may be an effortless thing for you, I really hope that it does. But for most of us, sobering up requires a determined heart and mind. Commitment is the primary requirement.

I do not want to dismay nor discourage you. I just want you to know that it is hard, really. For me, it took for about 6 months before I can clearly see the result of my actions. I am telling you, it will take a couple of months of waiting in order to achieve a full year of sober living. The experience is indeed impenetrable. If you have been an avid alcohol drinker for a while, it can be for about two years, it will take longer time for your system to adapt to these precipitous changes.

At first, some of the perks of trying can be obviously seen. You will start to notice that you have not spent all your money, you remember what did, and recall what you have said. I tried to practice the zero tolerance policy. This procedure basically means convincing yourself that ‘No matter what happens, I will not use drugs or drink alcohol’. When applied, this method can actually change the way we live, because each day, we somehow learn to completely wash off the possibility for alcohol and drug use.

Temptations are consistent, they are everywhere. But do not be bothered by my thoughts. I just want you to be more determined. I know you can make a change, just like what I did.

Now, I can say that my life is a life full of actions, and not just reactions. I started to make things happen. I go out and do useful things. More so, I have found new friends and people to share my thoughts with. I finally saw myself again. The once lost is now found. I am now seeing things in different, a brighter way. And you know what the best part is? I remember it all.

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